Thompson Tattoo

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Shop Policies

Tattoo Tips & what to expect

  • Be on time!!! We will give you up to 15 minutes past the scheduled time, after that the appointment is an automatic no show.
  • Show up at the scheduled time, there is no need to come in 30 minutes to an hour early, chances are we won't even be there and yes we do need our time to set up and get mentally ready for the day before your appointment.
  • No shows lose their spot and deposit, and will need to pay a new deposit fee in order to get back on the schedule.
  • If you need to reschedule please contact your artist 24 hours or more before your appointment in order to move your deposit over to a new date.
  • If the notice is shorter then 24 hours a new deposit fee will need to be paid before we can reschedule. (Please understand if you don't show it costs us money, it's no different then you going to work and not getting paid for your shift.) With a 24 hour notice, it gives us at least some time to move someone else into your spot.
  • Please bring a form of Identification, we will need it for paperwork. (Ex. Drivers license or passport)
  • Be sure to wear clothes you don't care about that are not in the way of the area getting tattooed. (Some artists do supply pasties and c-strings if needed.)
  • For your safety, please eat before your appointment and drink plenty of water. It is very common for people to faint or throw up after a session if they have not eaten anything.
  • Our shop is small so please limit your group to one guest unless getting approval by your artist first so we can make accommodations.
  • Please DO NOT bring small children to your appointment, this is for their own safety and will result in a reschedule. It is also hard for artists to concentrate with crying in the background or having to worry about a small child running around touching things that could potentially be dangerous to their health.
  • Please DO NOT bring animals or pets into our shop.  Pet fur is unsanitary and for clients with allergies this can be a major hazard to their skin while getting tattooed.
  • Please DO NOT sit in or crowd the other artists stations even if they are not there. This is extremely rude to the other artists in the shop. We do not want to walk into work and have to move a crowd of people from our area to start our shift. It is also unsanitary to have your belongings piled up on top of our tattoo trays. If someone in your group needs a seat, please let your artist know and we will happily find one for you, there is also a couch to sit on while you or others in your group wait.
  • A deposit fee needs to be paid in order to get on the schedule, this secures your spot and is credited to the total cost of your tattoo.  Deposits are not refundable.
  • Be respectful to others, disrespect will not be tolerated especially to the artists in the shop.


  • If you're wanting to schedule an appointment, first pick out an artist.  If you are unsure on which artist to schedule with, please go to our home page and view our artists portfolios. 
  • Once you have an artist picked out, select the book now link under the artists picture located on the home page of this website.  
  • If your artist does not have a book now link, then message them through the contact info provided.
  • For walk ins (same day appointments) please fill out the walk in request box also located on the home page of this website.  Please understand we are busy and typically don't have walk in times available, however, in the event of a no show or cancellation we may be able to squeeze you in same day. 

Before your appointment

  • Hygiene - please shower before your appointment, this helps remove excess skin cells and dirt from the area and helps keep our shop sanitary.
  • Skin prep - Please DO NOT shave or apply lotion to the area getting tattooed after your shower. If the hair length is excessive, for example, mens leg hair or long hair on top of the head, please trim with clippers and leave the clean shaving to your artist.
  • Clothing - Please wear clothing you do not care about that does not get in the way of the area we are tattooing. For women who are getting the ribs or back tattooed, thin stringed bikinis are a good item to bring. Some of us do offer pasties and c-strings just in case.
  • Health - Please get plenty of sleep the night before and make sure you eat and drink plenty of water right before your appointment. We do supply water if needed.
  • Identification - Please bring a form of Identification for paperwork. Driver’s licenses and passports are acceptable.
  • Other items you may want to bring - Blanket, an extra pair of clothing, snacks, water, headphones.

While getting tattooed.

  • Breathe - It is important to remember to breath while being tattooed. This prevents fainting and helps with pain.
  • Sit still - Nothing is worse then tattooing someone who can not sit still. If you are someone who has to move while talking, it may be best to bring headphones so you can listen to something that helps keep you calm and preoccupied.
  • Communication - It is important to tell your artist what you need. If you need a brake, to use the restroom, or if you are starting to feel sick let your artist know right away.

After your tattoo is done

  • Follow your artists instructions on aftercare. If you forget or have questions on how to take care of your tattoo, please see the aftercare instruction page on this website.
  • Concerns - If you are worried about your tattoo or feel like somethings going wrong please contact your artist immediately.
  • Avoid the sun - The sun is and never will be great for your tattoos, especially a fresh one. If you plan on being out in the sunlight or sitting in a tanning bed please apply plenty of sunscreen to the tattooed areas. If your tattoo is still healing do not expose to sunlight even with sunscreen.