Thompson Tattoo

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Pricing & Scheduling Info.

Monday - Friday

(Price per person)

$500 Half Day (9am-1pm)

$800 Full Day (9am-4pm)

Our minimum is $500 per session.

Sunday & Saturday

(Price per person)

$1000 Half day (9am-1pm)

$1600 Full Day (9am-4pm)

Our minimum for Saturday & Sunday is $1000 per session.

Consultation Info.

Our online form is, 9 times out of 10, all we need to get you scheduled for your first  tattoo session.

In the event that an in person consultation is needed, your first appointment will turn into your consultation giving us plenty of time to sit down & go over the design together.

Once you are happy with the direction we are going we can then schedule your first tattoo session from there. 

The Night Before & What To Bring

  • Consent Form - Be sure to fill out the consent form prior to your appointment located on my artist page. (please have all forms of identification present the day of for verification)
  • Hygiene - please shower before your appointment, this helps remove excess skin cells as well as dirt from the area and helps keep our shop sanitary.
  • Skin prep - Please DO NOT shave, apply lotion/ ointment/ or deodorant to the area getting tattooed after your shower. If the hair length is excessive, you may trim it, but please leave the clean shave to your artist.
  • Clothing - Please wear clothing you do not care about that does not get in the way of the area we are tattooing. For women who are getting the ribs or back tattooed, thin stringed bikinis are a good item to bring. I do offer pasties and c-strings just in case.
  • Health - Please get plenty of sleep the night before and make sure you eat and drink plenty of water right before your appointment. We do supply water if needed. (For best results avoid alcohol the night before.)
  • Other items you may want to bring - Blanket, an extra pair of clothing, snacks, water, headphones.

During Your Appointment

  • Breathe - It is important to remember to breath while getting tattooed. This prevents fainting and helps with pain.
  • Sit still - Nothing is worse then tattooing someone who can not sit still. If you are someone who has to move while talking, it may be best to bring headphones so you can listen to something that helps keep you calm and preoccupied.
  • Communication - It is important to tell your artist what you need. If you need a brake, to use the restroom, or if you are starting to feel sick let your artist know right away.
  • Nicotine - We are a vape friendly business and allow vaping while getting tattooed, however, as much as I hate to say it, minimizing on nicotine usage is always great for the healing process. 
  • Guests - We ask that you limit your group to one guest over the age of 18. Our shop is small so seating is limited.  If there are any questions or concerns regarding this matter please text me.
  • Drop ins - If you have any family or friends stopping by to say hi or bring food please let them know children under the age of 18 are not permitted in the building.

After Your Tattoo Is Finished

  • Aftercare - Follow your artists instructions on aftercare. If you forget or have questions on how to take care of your tattoo, please see the aftercare instruction page on this website.
  • Concerns - If you are worried about your tattoo or feel like somethings going wrong, do not hesitate, please text me immediately at (208)243-9698.    

Frequently asked questions

How long will my tattoo take?
- We can give you an idea on how long we think your tattoo will take, however, there are a lot of factors that alter the overall time and cost of a tattoo.  A design that takes 4 hour on one person may take 6 hours on someone else based off of skin type alone.

Does color take longer then black and grey?
-  Yes,  color makes a HUGE difference when it comes to time.  How much longer the design will take in color vs black and grey will vary based on how many colors are used, how the skin takes the ink, and what style the design is done in. 

Does color hurt more then black and grey?
- Yes, but not necessarily.  Solid black ink will feel about the same, however, the ink molecules in black are smaller than color making it easier and faster to saturate.

Do you tattoo minors?
- Typically no, however, in certain circumstances I don't have a problem tattooing a minor if the parent gives permission, both the child and legal guardian fill out all of the proper paperwork, and the minor is at least 16 years of age.

Can my 16 year old come to my appointment with me?
- No, although they are technically of age to get a tattoo, due to the nature of the environment we do not like anyone under the age of 18 in our station unless they have filled out a consent form and scheduled an appointment to get a tattoo themselves.

Why Can a minor be permitted in the station when getting a tattoo but not come to watch?
- If a minor has an appointment, this means they have filled out a consent form and gotten permission from both their parent and the artist to be allowed in the station.

What if I only want to schedule out 1 hour for a tattoo the size of a dime? Do I still have to do a half day sitting?
- Regardless of how big the tattoo is, our minimum session is a half day for $500.  Your session will only be an hour long but you will still have to pay the minimum cost which remains at $500. 

What if I put my appointment date in my calendar wrong and miss my appointment?  Do I still have to pay a 2nd deposit to get back on the schedule?
- Yes, We understand that accidents happen, however, we are still only responsible for mistakes made on our end.  If you no show us on your scheduled date, you cost us money.   Your deposit is only a small amount to makeup for the price hit we take on no shows.

What if something comes up such as pregnancy or a financial hit due to an emergency and I have to cancel?  Do I lose my deposit?
- No, as long as you let us know the day before you are protected.  I've held deposits for over a year for clients due to unexpected changes in their life.  We do have a non-refundable policy when it comes to deposits, however, I will honor and hold your deposit as long as you need me to.  
If we have to schedule 3 years later then I will hold your deposit until you are ready.  
We would never want our clients to hurt themselves financially out of worry for losing a deposit.  We understand that permanent alterations to the body are expensive and life happens. We've all been there, we understand, and we do not judge.  We only ask for the respect of an update so we can adjust our schedule accordingly. 

How we run things


  • Thompson Tattoo is a private studio so we ask that you only enter if  you have an appointment.  This is to protect the privacy of you and all of my other clientele as well as offering you my full attention so I can ensure your money is worth your time.  I no longer take breaks to talk to clients in the middle of appointments so for future reference if you need to talk to me please contact me through my booking number (208)243-9698 or fill out a form to get on the schedule.
  •   Park in front by the main shop.  The back parking-lot is for employees only.
  • Be on time!!! We will give you up to 15 minutes past the scheduled time, after that the appointment is an automatic no show.
  • Show up at the scheduled time, there is no need to come in 30 minutes to an hour early.
  • No shows lose their spot and deposit, and will need to pay a new deposit fee in order to get back on the schedule.
  • If you need to reschedule please contact your me 24 hours or more before your appointment in order to move your deposit over to a new date.
  • If the notice is shorter then 24 hours a new deposit fee will need to be paid before we can reschedule.
  • Please bring your ID so we can verify your form on your appointment date.
  • Our shop is small and we really don't have any extra seating in our stations so please do not bring guests or friends to your appointment without getting approval first so we can make accommodations.
  • No one under the age of 18 is allowed without filling out a consent form prior to their appointment.
  • Absolutely no small children or animals are allowed to enter my tattoo area. If you bring your child or pet to your appointment you lose your deposit and will have to reschedule. (For service animals, please be sure to include the details on your tattoo request form and message me prior to your appointment date.)
  • A deposit fee needs to be paid in order to get on the schedule, this secures your spot and is credited towards the total cost of your tattoo.  Deposits are not refundable and need to be paid in order to get on the schedule.  (No deposit, No appointment.)

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